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J.C. Andrus & Associates has a history of providing surveying services for critical industrial applications.  We have the equipment, and the techniques to provide accuracies of 0.005' (1/16") for control networks, and resulting layout capabilities of 0.007' (3/32"). 

Control Techniques:

All too often surveyors depend solely on their robotic or GPS equipment to hastily establish survey control.  Such crude practices leave latent errors that tend to reveal themselves late in the project when correction becomes very expensive. 

Andrus establishes control using solid geometric techniques together with calibrated precision equipment.


Key Projects:

Sunoco Toledo Refinery Expansion Project  2007-2008. Established a series of control monuments and densified control to provide complete layout services for an approximate $600,000,000 project.

Toledo Edison Transmission (700 miles of Right of ways) 1966-1977